Stage Two

To take account for emerging turbine technologies and improved efficiencies in site design, a modification application has been submitted to the NSW DPE for stage two of the project.

The modified design has been developed in parallel with further environmental assessments to minimise any increase in environmental impacts.

All materials relating to the project modification application can be found on the NSW Major Projects Register.

EPBC Referral

The proposed action (modification application for stage two) allows the relocation of wind turbines, increased turbine dimensions, modified property details and other minor variations.

The proposed action has been determined to be a ‘controlled action’ under the EPBC Act (EPBC 2018/8156). The controlling provision under the EPBC Act is ‘listed threatened species and communities’ (Sections 18 and 18A).

Documentation for the proposed action can be downloaded from the link here (zip file 27MB).  

Please contact us if you have any questions or comments about stage two of the project.